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September 2011


We all wish the best to those AOLCPs that live and work in the states where hurricane Irene caused damage. For those of you that suffered damage, do let us know if we can be of any assistance.


Call 203-888-5146 or email

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2012 NOFA Course in Organic Land Care 


As most of you know, this 30-hour course for professionals provides the education needed for an understanding of organic landscape design and maintenance. In 2012 there will be two courses offered in Organic Land Care, these are the locations and dates of the course.  


Please share this information with others.   



January 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, with Jan. 15th as a snow date


Worcester State University
486 Chandler St.
Worcester, MA  01602




 February 15, 16, 17 and 21, 22, with Feb. 23rd as a snow date


CT Agricultural Experiment Station
123 Huntington St.
New Haven, CT  06511


For more information, please go to the Organic Land Care site, or call the office 203-888-5146. 

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Annual Gathering


The date for the next Annual Gathering will be December 6th, 2011, at the University of CT, in Storrs.


We are in the process of scheduling exciting topics and speakers.  This is a perfect opportunity to earn your 2012 NOFA OLC re-accreditation credits!  

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Also of Interest  



AOLCPs in academia -  on 10/18/11 Carl Brodeur will be teaching a class on Tree Preservation from the Top; on 9/14/11 Laura Kuhn will be teaching a class on Design Magic for a Family Farm; and Teresa Mucci is teaching a class on Weed ID and Management, and Designing a Sustainable Landscape at the NYBG in October.   


Re-accreditation for 2012 - please visit our site to view classes/workshop that have been approved for continuing education credits. You can also submit information on classes that you want to take for credits, the information will be reviewed for possible approval. Contact if you have any questions on your re-accreditation.


Job in sales - Canterbury Horticulture in CT has developed a new sales territory, and is looking for someone to fill this position. Contact Todd Burnett for more information.

Job as Director of Rec. Parks and Forestry - for the city of Peabody, MA. A BA/BS required in one of the following: Recreational Administration, Park Administration, Leisure Studies, Physical Education or a related field.


NE Grows - their 2012 Expo is being held on February 1 - 3, 2012, in Boston, MA.


Lawn & Landscape, market leadership - this is one of those sites that is worth viewing on a regular basis. They have had a video on organic lawn care tips, and an article on the growing market of green roofs.


Goats used in Los Angeles - a NY Times article on the use of goats to clear dry brush.


Soil life - an interesting article to refresh your knowledge of soil life.  


The Massachusetts Butterfly Club - has a couple of informative articles that might be useful for your clients that want to promote butterfly conservation.   


For sale - 2011 Gregson-Clark Model Act-400/55L Gallon Skid Type Compost Tea Sprayer, locate in OH. E-mail Aaron Schilling for more information, or call him 513-678-9268.



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Current AOLCP Credit Opportunities 

The following classes and events have been approved for OLC credits.  In order to see a complete description of an event and the number of credits that will be awarded for attendance please go to the credit opportunities page of our website.  When you click on an event title, a complete description, including time, place, registration information, and number of credits will open.


9/13/11 - Plants for Landscaping, Bronx, NY
9/14/11 - Design Magic for a Family Farm, Sudbury, MA
9/14/11 - NEPA - Annual Fall Conference, West Dennis, MA
9/15/11 - NEPA - Annual Fall Conference, West Dennis, MA
9/15/11 - Maintaining Perennial Gardens, Bronx, NY
9/15/11 - Survey of Late Season Grasses of the Northeast, Framingham, MA
9/17/11 - Bark Basics: Know Your Trees, New Haven, CT
9/17/11 - Plants for Landscaping, Bronx, NY
9/17/11 - The Art and Science of Naturalistic Landscaping, Norfolk, CT
9/17/11 - Native Gardens in Newton, Newton, MA
9/18/11 - Fabulous Fungi of New England, Roslindale, MA
9/20/11 - Urban Sustainability, Providence, RI
9/20/11 - Introduction to Botany, Cambridge, MA
9/21/11 - Harnessing the Power of Plants with Plant-Based Building Systems, Silver Spring, MA
9/22/11 - Build a Rain Garden Course, Old Saybrook, CT
9/22/11 - Plant Form and Function, Waltham, MA
9/23/11 - Native Culture: Developing Plant Diversity for Sustainable Design, Valhalla, NY
9/24/11 - Dendrology: Woody Plant Identification, Bronx, NY
9/24/11 - Organic Practices in Stow Garden , Stow, MA
9/24/11 - Ornamental Woody Plants: Fall Trees and Shrubs, Bronx, NY
9/24/11 - Woody Native and Invasive Plant Identification Walk, Concord, NH
9/24/11 - Ornamental Herbaceous Plants: Summer and Fall Perennials, Bronx, NY
9/24/11 - Intermediate Wetland Delineation, Framingham, MA
9/30/11 - Ornamental Woody Plants: Fall Trees and Shrubs, Bronx, NY
9/30/11 - Invasives: ID, Ecology, and Control, Framingham, MA
10/1/11 - Bark Basics: Know Your Trees , Framingham, MA
10/2/11 - Backyard Fruit Tasting and Workshop, New Paltz, NY
10/4/11 - Framework Trees of New England , Framingham, MA



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NOFA Standards Review


The following excerpt on Site Analysis, Design, and Managementcan be found on page 7 of the NOFA Standards for Organic Land Care.


 Site Analysis, using the principles in these Standards as a guide, is the observation of the key

elements of a site, coupled with an understanding of how these elements affect the relationship

between organisms (people, plants, animals, microscopic soil life) and the site.


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Welcome to Jenna Messier!

JennaJenna is our new OLC Program Director.


Jenna Messier has a B.S. in Agriculture from The Ohio State University, yet she acquired most of her horticultural expertise from 10 years of landscaping and organic farming on the island of Martha's Vineyard.


Most recently, Jenna spent 6 years working with non-profit organizations in New York City and the Hudson Valley where she focused on women's issues, spirituality, and sustainability; including advocacy work at the United Nations as a member of The International Grail. Now back in her home state of Connecticut, she says that "working for CT NOFA is a true homecoming, merging my love of organic gardening with my desire to support large scale sustainable development initiatives.

                                                                                                                                      back to top     

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