NOFA Course in Organic Land Care

February 15 is the first day of the CT Organic Land Care Accreditation Course.5 day course

Connecticut - New Haven, CT

February 15, 16, 17 and 21, 22, 2012 with Feb. 23rd as a snow date

Rhode Island - Charlestown, RI. February 27, 28, 29, and March 1 and 2, 2012 with March 5 as a snow date

$550 Course. $150 Exam & Accreditation (optional). Early bird discount:-$30 for registrations received by Jan. 25 in CT; by Feb. 6 in RI.

For more information, please go to the Organic Land Care site, or call the office 203-888-5146.

This year we are taking $20 off your re-accreditation fee for each new student you refer to the Accreditation Course. If you refer five people, your re-accreditation fee will be entirely waived. Thanks in advance for helping to spread the word!

For further information about the Referral Program, please contact or call 203-888-5146.

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First Advanced Workshop of the Year! Growing Fruit in a Healthy Orchard Ecosystem - with Michael Phillips


On March 9th, 9-4pm, we will hold this exciting workshop in Middletown, Connecticut.

We will spend the morning in a classroom setting and set off after lunch into nearby High Hill Orchard in Meriden where Michael will expand upon the morning's lessons. A full day with Michael learning apple varieties, pruning, growing and the cultural care of apples. Learn more about Michael Phillips.

For more information, or to register, contact Deb at 203-888-5146 or at More details will follow.

"His talks go beyond more than the commitment to the ecological principles inherent in organic agriculture, the health considerations, or the community economic benefits - they recognize and celebrate the spirit in organic agriculture." -Enid Wonnacott, Executive Director of NOFA-VT

This is a perfect opportunity to earn all of your OLC continuing education credit opportunities for next year.

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Out and About with AOLCPs -

Living and Breathing Organic: Paula Kovecses Designs Healthy Landscapes


Paula Kovecses Paula Kovecses' grandson, RJ, means everything to her. When he was diagnosed with high levels of lead in his 1-year-old body, she became increasingly concerned about "all the chemicals in everything, including toys" that he encounters daily.

Her landscape design business, T.W.I.G., which stands for "The Way It Grows" is a 100 percent organic company.

"Why would I want it any other way?" she asks.

While she loves what she does, she worries about the bigger picture, wanting to protect wetlands and shorelines, prevent chemicals from sickening her clients and educate as many people as possible about the benefits of working with the environment we all share, rather than seeking quick fixes and ignoring invasives for instance.

Read the complete story.

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Updated OLC Logo

We have taken your suggestions and made some changes to our OLC logo to making "Organic Land Care" more visible on a smaller scale.

You can request a copy of the logo to use on your business cards, website, and any other publications. Contact for a copy of the logo.

Speaking of logos, what a fantastic use of the OLC logo on a large surface!

truck logo 2
From AOLCP Shirley Halverson, in WI !

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30th Annual CT NOFA Winter Conference

Saturday, March 3, 2012 winter_conference_logo

Manchester Community College

Manchester, CT

The Keynote speaker will be Jeffrey Smith, internationally known spokesperson on the health dangers of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

There will be over 40 educational workshops offered. Earn CEU credits with these workshops - Wild Bees and Pollination, Nitrogen Management on Farms, Science and Principles of Soil Microbiology, and Growing Nuts in Connecticut. Go to this site for more information.

See the other NOFA Winter Conferences.

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Also of Interest

Credit opportunities - we are offering new opportunities for you to earn continuing education credits. You can earn two (2) credits per year by volunteering to table at events. If you table for four hours or more, you will earn two credits. Here are two events where you can volunteer:

New England Grows - February 1-3, 2012, Boston, MA, and CT Flower and Garden Show - February 23-26, 2012, CT Convention Center, Hartford, CT.

To volunteer, please contact Melissa Gabso, , or call 203-888-5146

Job opportunities - Law + AMP + Turf Manager - Seeking person with turf management experience, good organizational and interpersonal skills. Care for high-end estate bluegrass, fescue and rye grass lawns in Westchester County, NY and Fairfield County, CT, using predominately organic land care techniques. Minor pesticide applications, irrigation management and overseeing mowing operations. Driver's license and pesticide applicator license necessary. Knowledge of Spanish helpful.

Also, Seasonal Perennial Specialist - Seeking an experienced person to assist in all aspects of plant installations in Westchester County, NY and Fairfield County, CT. Includes locating, selecting, delivery and inventory of plant materials. Lay out plant and flowering materials according to architect's plans. Care for perennial gardens and annuals, nursery stock as well as newly installed and existing plants. Email your resume to

We will be tabling at these events - we look forward to seeing you at these events: RI Nursery and Landscape Annual Winter Meeting, January 24-25, 2012, Warwick, RI; CT Groundskeepers Association Turf Conference, January 24, Cromwell, CT; New England Grows, February 1-3, Boston, MA (continuing ed. credit opportunities); CT Flower and Garden Show, February 23-26, CT Convention Center, Hartford, CT. If your are attending the ELA conference, we can provide you with NOFA OLC materials to distribute. Call us at 203-888-5146.

Beyond Pesticide Conference - March 30-31, 2012. Healthy Communities: Green solutions for safe environments. Yale University, New Haven, CT, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. Visit this web site.

Horticultural Business Seminar - Frank Crandall will host the 8th two-day intensive GEM (Growth, Effectiveness, Management) Seminar on Jan. 18 and Jan. 19, 2012, from 8am to 5pm at the Kettle Pond Visitor's Center in Charlestown, RI . Contact Frank at or (401) 742-7619. Frank will also teach an intensive one-day GEM seminar on March 8 at the same location.

Spring Bulk Order - Do you buy compost, potting soil, cover crop seed, fertilizers, mineral amendments, potato and allium seed? If yes, make sure get your bulk order in by January 1, 2012. Contact Cathleen O'Keefe, Bulk Order Coordinator, 413-587-0565,

New England Condominium Magazine - has an article on the practice of organic land care in condominiums properties.

How to transition properties from conventional programs using synthetic and chemical products to a natural organic system - March 12 & 13, 2012, Sturbridge Host Hotel, Sturbridge, MA. For more information: Osborne Organics at 781-631-2468, or

Vermicompost helps suppress plant disease - Cornell University researchers have found that vermicompost -- the product of composting using various species of worms -- is not only an excellent fertilizer but could also help prevent a pathogen that has been a scourge to greenhouse growers. Go to this site to read the report.

USDA Confirms Genetically Engineered Kentucky Bluegrass Is Not Subject to Federal Regulation

On July 7, 2011, the U.S. Department of Agriculture ... confirming that Scotts Miracle-Gro Co. (Scotts) Kentucky Bluegrass, a bluegrass variety genetically engineered (GE) for herbicide tolerance, does not fall under APHIS biotechnology authority for regulation. Read more.

2011 New Jersey Fertilizer Law - The New Jersey Fertilizer Law was conceived to protect all New Jersey surface and ground waters from impairment by minimizing nitrogen and phosphorus loading that may be derived from lawn fertilizer. Read the rest of the story.

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Current AOLCP Credit Opportunities

The following classes and events have been approved for OLC credits. In order to see a complete description of an event and the number of credits that will be awarded for attendance, please go to the credit opportunities page of our website. When you click on an event title, a complete description, including time, place, registration information, and number of credits will open.

1/18/12 - New Hampshire Landscape Association Winter Meeting, Concord, NH
1/18/12 - Interdisciplinary Approaches to Ecological Landscape Design, New London, CT
1/18/12 - GEM Business Seminar (Growth, Effectiveness, Management), Charlestown, RI
1/18/12 - Natural Turf Management: A Systems Approach, Bordentown, NJ
1/18/12 - Survival in the Darwinian Garden: Planting the Fittest, West Hartford, CT
1/19/12 - The CT Tree Protective Association's 90th Annual Meeting, Plantsville, CT
1/19/12 - Restored Ecosystem / Improved Water Quality, Wellesley, MA
1/19/12 - Sustainable Practices for Ecosystem Restoration, Wellesley, MA
1/20/12 - Gardening in Wet Spaces with Native Plants, Framingham, MA
1/21/12 - Winter Tree Identification, Bronx, NY
1/21/12 - Winter Botany, Framingham, MA
1/21/12 - Pruning Techniques, New Canaan, CT
1/21/12 - Native Flora in Winter, Bronx, NY
1/22/12 - NOFA-NY Winter Conference, Saratoga Springs, NY
1/23/12 - Organic Land Care Accreditation and Training, Oregon City, OR
1/23/12 - Soil: Where Geoscience Meets Botany, Wellesley, MA
1/24/12 - GIS for Public Gardens, Managed Landscapes, and More, Cambridge, MA
1/28/12 - NOFA NJ Winter Conference, Princeton, NJ
1/28/12 - Pruning in Winter, Boston, MA
1/29/12 - Designing the Outdoor Living Space, Canton, CT
1/30/12 - Introduction to Plant Propagation, New Canaan, CT
1/30/12 - Introduction to Plant Propagation, Bronx, NY
1/31/12 - Soil Science I: Physical Properties, Bronx, NY
1/31/12 - Soil Science II: Chemistry and Nutrition, Bronx, NY
1/31/12 - Organic Turfgrass Management , New Brunswick, NJ
1/31/12 - Green Technology: Design, Installation & Maintenance , Bronx, NY
2/1/12 - New England Grows 2012, Boston, MA
2/2/12 - Native Flora in Winter, Bronx, NY
2/2/12 - New England Grows 2012, Boston, MA
2/3/12 - New England Grows 2012, Boston, MA

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NOFA Standards Review

The following excerpt on Toxic Elements in Soil can be found on page 18 of the NOFA Standards for Organic Land Care.

"Many elements occur naturally in soil as inorganic ions (charged species) and at least 18 of them are
known to be plant nutrients. Of these elements, approximately half are required by plants in very
small quantities and are described as trace or micronutrients."
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