NOFA OLC's Standards Earn International Approval with Acceptance into the IFOAM Family of Standards


The Northeast Organic Farming Association Standards for Organic Land Care: Practices for The Design and Maintenance of Ecological Landscapes have been approved in the IFOAM Family of Standards. 

The Standards were assessed by the OIFOAM OGS department, then reviewed by the IFOAM Standards Requirements Committee and then by the IFOAM World Board. 

The IFOAM family of standards was set up to create an international set of organic standards.  This means that organic producers can certify their products through any one of these IFOAM Family Standards and they will be applicable in the same way any of the other standards are.  The Organic Land Care Standards are unique because they only do apply to landscapes, not crops (though edible landscapes are a central part of an organic landscape). 

The IFOAM Family of Standards website explains: "In dealing with import approvals, IFOAM, FAO and UNCTAD have recommended that governments adopt an equivalence approach, using methods as efficient as possible to approve a large number of national organic regulations as equivalent to theirs. Governments can now achieve this through endorsing the IFOAM Family of Standards and automatically considering that all standards and regulations in the Family are equivalent to their own production rules. Australia has already adopted this approach and hence products certified according to a standard part of the IFOAM Family can be exported to Australia without additional certification. More governments are expected to follow this path and use the IFOAM Family of Standards as a basis for import approvals. Private standard owners may also use it as a basis for mutual recognition. "