Nanotechnology-based pesticides...

"As applied to pesticides, the new and developing area of nanotechnology has the potential to bring real benefits, but also regulatory challenges. Reportedly, it has already begun changing the nature of some pesticides. There are consumer products on the market today using engineered nanoparticles of active ingredients such as silver to achieve antimicrobial effects, and many more are likely. Even as these consumer products are introduced, agricultural chemical producers are developing new pesticide products using nanotechnology to enhance the effectiveness or delivery of those pesticides. Among the uses of nanotechnology in agriculture currently being explored are agrochemical delivery (delivery of pesticides and other chemicals only when needed or for better absorption), nanosensors, and new or modified active pesticidal ingredients..."


"The emergence of nanotechnology in the pesticide industry has already begun, this isn't just theoretical," said David Stone, an assistant professor in the OSU Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology. "But pesticides are already one of the most rigorously tested and regulated class of compounds, so we should be able to modify the existing infrastructure..."


To read the study: Exposure Assessment: Recommendations for Nanotechnology-Based Pesticides