Invitation to Participate In Novozymes Tick Demo Trial

Kirby Stafford one of our Accreditation instructors has been contacted by Novozymes, a biotech company with a strong focus on enzyme production about enlisting cooperators for a demonstration trial of their biological control product to be used against ticks.

This is one of the products that Kirby mentions in his segment of the course every year, which is organic and works well against ticks, but is not yet commercially available. Novozymes would like to do 25 demonstration trials in various regions around the U.S., so Kirby is thinking maybe they would want to do 5 trials in southern New England.

Those who would like to participate would need to apply, using this form.

Please note the criteria for participants: PARTICIPANTS of the Novozymes Tick Demo Trial must have the following to participate:

1. A problem of and historical records of tick populations.

2. Technical knowledge or access to professional applicators experienced in tick control.

3. Willingness to document success (or failure) of demonstration on tick populations, maintain record of applications and document application timing and environmental conditions during the trial.

4. Be located in the Endemic or Emerging area (This includes New England, New Jersey, and several other states.)


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