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1/11/17 - G. E. M. (Growth, Effectiveness, Management) Business Seminar, Charlestown, RI

January 11 & 12 2017 • 8am to 5pm

3949 Old Post Road, Suite 101 • Charlestown, RI 02813


Frank’s G.E.M. Business Seminar is designed for business owners, supervisors and employees who want to review and refine the overall operations of running a small and successful business.


Frank will share methods and techniques he has mastered during his 40+ years running a landscape firm, as well as mistakes to avoid.


$250/per person...***Special pricing for 2017!


Lunches, breaks, and detailed handouts included.



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1/9/17 - Rainwater Harvesting and Management, Gaia College ONLINE

Monday, January 9 - Monday, April 10, 2017

This course is intended for landscape architects, architects, engineers, landscape/garden designers, irrigation, water treatment, roofing, gutter and siding, and plumbing trades specialists, permaculture designers, farmers, community garden organizers, land planners, municipal decision-makers, and educators.

As an ancient, yet ever new practice, the harvesting and use of rainwater is fast becoming a major issue, not only in third-world countries, but also in more developed regions, and in particular, in large urban centers. This course covers the foundations of rainwater harvesting and management. Using the concepts of rainwater management, and implementing key components of rainwater harvesting, professionals and trades practitioners will be able to design, create and manage quality systems in a sustainable and environmentally ethical manner.

Topics include:
• Access to quality drinking water world-wide and at home
• Processes for harvesting and managing rainwater
• Rainwater availability
• Regulations governing system implementation
• Components of RWH/M systems
• Design parameters of RWH/M systems

More detail on specific session topics is available on request.

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1/9/17 - Sketchup Pro for Landscape Design, Gaia College Online

Monday, January 9 - Monday, April 10, 2017

This course is addressed to landscape designers and architects, permaculturists, farmers, land planners, educators, and anybody tired of drafting by hand. It is a prerequisite for enrollment in Ecological Landscape Design Online (see below for course description).
In this unique course geared towards landscape applications, we introduce an integrated 3-dimensional design and modeling process. This includes computer aided drafting, modeling, and graphics presentation for landscape professionals.

Whether students’ preferred medium is pen and paper or a conventional 2-dimensional CAD program, the ability to work in 3 dimensions and view their work from all angles will enrich their creative design process. The fluidity of non-static, 3-dimensional models will empower students to communicate their ideas to landscape decision makers who do not have the designer's ability to mentally project a 2-dimensional drawing into images of a real live landscape.

Techniques students will learn in this course include:
• Conventional presentation documents including a full set of 2-dimensional landscape plans
• Computer-based presentations, slide shows and animations
• Integration with imported design components, including base maps and construction elements
• 3-dimensional landscape modeling
• Terrain modeling
• Integration with Excel spreadsheets and Word documents
• Integration with Google maps

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1/9/17 - Ecological Landscape Design, Gaia College Online

Monday, January 9 - Monday, April 10, 2017

1. This very comprehensive course begins with an overview of historical garden design perspectives, including an examination of the role of art, statuary, wildlife, water, and native ecosystems. The principles of landscape design and how the various elements are used in softscaping and hardscaping will be examined in detail, exploring how to achieve particular esthetics and function. Design terminology and drafting skills will be applied when following the steps of the design process. Through case studies and project work, the topics of site analysis, hardscape construction and grading, estimating and landscape supplies, drainage and water solutions, site remediation and special needs will be covered. Throughout, presentation skills will be emphasized.

Online course participants will use Sketchup Pro rather than hand drafting to create designs, so our Sketchup Pro online course (see separate application) is a prerequisite for this course, as is the Organic Horticulture Specialist / Organic Master Gardener course.

More detail about individual session topics is available on request.

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1/9/17 - Growing Food 2 - Nutrient Dense and High Energy Food - Gaia College Online

Monday, January 9 - Monday, April, 2017

In this course, students focus on replenishing and rebalancing soil nutrients with the goal of growing not just food, but complete nutrition for humans and animals.

Topics include:
• Connecting soil health and human health
• The complexity of nutrient uptake by plants
• Soil microbiology
• Soil nutrient patterns and desired nutrient content
• Soil test interpretation
• Fertilizers and fertilizer calculations

Finally, students learn how to go beyond the need for massive extraction, transport and use of material substances to explore the rapidly growing field of quantum agriculture, using science-based research to look at energetic solutions such as
• Biodynamics
• Paramagnetism
• Radionics and broadcast towers
• Dowsing and energy structures

More details about individual session topics are available on request.

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1/9/17 - Growing Food 1 - Fundamentals - Gaia College Online

Monday, January 9 - Monday, April 10, 2017

In this comprehensive course, students learn essential applied permaculture and organic gardening techniques to:

• Analyze and optimize the growing conditions in their garden, no matter the size, including container gardens
• Creatively collect, use and preserve water for optimal garden health
• Use holistic solutions for plant health problems ("pests" and "diseases")
• Select, plant, maintain and harvest a large variety of food plants for year-round enjoyment
• Propagate plants
• Save seeds
• Store food after harvest

This online course engages students with practical and hands-on projects, and is guided by experienced professional organic gardeners.
More information about each course session is available upon request.

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1/9/17 - Organic Master Gardener/Organic Horticulture Specialist, Gaia College Online

Monday, January 9 - Monday, April 10, 2017

This is Gaia College’s core course. It offers students a holistic ecological framework for garden decision making.

Topics include:
• What does “organic” really mean?
• Botany and ecosystem relationships
• The soil ecosystem
• Soil testing
• Soil fertility management
• Hands-on classes on bed installation and composting
• CODIT and tree pruning principles
• Garden inoculants
• Landscape design
• Permaculture
• Water management
• Ecological lawn care
• Landscape Health Management

This course provides sufficient information to write the SOUL Organic Accreditation Exam for land care practitioners.

More information about each course session is available upon request.

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12/12/16 - System's Approach to Natural Turf Management, Riverhead, NY

Monday, December 12, 2016-Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Hilton Garden Inn 2038 Old Country Rd
Riverhead, NY 11901
United States

2-day training that covers a “systems approach” to turf care. From understanding a soil test, soil biology and managing soil fertility to cultural practices, insects, weeds, and controls. All from an organic perspective. Practical strategies for customer satisfaction and problem-solving sessions included.

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12/4/16 - Assessing Pasture Soil Fertility and Forage Quality, West Brookfield, MA

December 4 - 1pm to 4pm

Clover Springs Farm, West Brookfield, MA

Instructor: Matt Koziol Ruminant health is linked to the health of the pasture and supplemental hay they eat. Are your pastures healthy? Is your hay high quality? Learn to determine the quality of your pastures and hay. Cost: $35 NOFA members; $45 non-members*

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12/2/16 - New England Grows, Boston, MA

New England GROWS

November 30 – December 2, 2016


Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

415 Summer Street

Boston, MA 02210

(508) 653-3009

New England GROWS is the largest and most popular horticulture industry event in the Northeast – connecting thousands of today’s nursery, landscape and tree care professionals with top experts and leading suppliers from across the country and around the world. Registration starts as low as $29 for all three days of the show. For details please visit or call (508) 653-3009.



The New England Nursery Association, Massachusetts Arborists Association, Massachusetts Association of Landscape Professionals and Massachusetts Nursery and Landscape Association are the event’s founding partners. An additional 30+ allied organizations make up New England GROWS’ network of supporters. Proceeds from New England GROWS go directly back to the industry to support the work of these and other green industry organizations, including annual research grants to the region’s Cooperative Extension programs.


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